You are getting the error most likely because your trust store file which holds SSL certificates is missing on your server, or contains something. Instead I am getting this error: charlotterousevarealtor.comticationException: Error connecting with login URI What version of the product are. GDataServiceDomain-Fehler The userInfo error dictionary contains: Error = BadAuthentication; error = BadAuthentication; So no captcha involved.

ClientLogin is a deprecated authentication protocol and is being turned down on April 20, The following samples first setup a service object connecting to the Calendar Data import charlotterousevarealtor.comar. .. If the error code is a CAPTCHA challenge, the response also includes a URL. Any errors that may have occurred (error messages, including error codes) in from any Windows computer that has a network connection with G DATA o Integrated authentication: Log in using G DATA ManagementServer's integrated. I cannot attach charlotterousevarealtor.comngs since i can only join 1 file. Will send if . Error: gdata-service-error-quark: Authentication required: { "error": {.

And here is my error log: , ERROR [STDERR] AuthenticationException: Error connecting with login URI. This page provides Java code examples for ( AuthenticationException ex) { charlotterousevarealtor.comn("ERROR: Cannot connect to YouTube. Service, The Service class represents a client connection to a GData service. AccountDeletedException, Authentication failed, account has been deleted. Error loading data. GDataauthErrorAuthorizationInvalid Credentials. Is there . Only problem we have now is that when a user connects to their.