A space heater is a device used to heat a single, small area. In contrast, central heating is used to heat many connected areas, such as all the rooms in a house. Unlike unflued gas heaters, which increase the level of pollutants in the home, Braemar space heaters are flued, so exhaust gases are expelled outside. Peek the first pages of the Space Heaters Ebook, filled with detailed space heaters work, how to troubleshoot them, and what type of space heater is best for you.

While infrared heaters cannot heat a whole room, they are an affordable, efficient way to warm a sitting or work area. These heaters also do not. In reference to your average "home electric space heater," there is fundamentally a large resistor and a fan. Usually this resistor is a large bit of coiled wire, not. If you know what to look for, space heaters can be a cost-effective and efficient home heating solution. Learn more about what to consider when.

Let's take a closer look at what they are and how they work! This one has three electric heating elements ("bars") mounted in white ceramic. significantly), portable electric space heaters are not a good choice for heating very large like a basement or garage work room—and provided they are used . Small space heaters are typically used when the main heating system is Although most space heaters work by convection (the circulation of air in a room), . Infrared heaters are somewhat complex. Learn about how infrared heaters work at HowStuffWorks.