19 May |Feature. Issue: 19 May - Page Virtual reality is one of the hottest areas in technology at the moment as the public There has been talk of paying £5 to £10 to buy a virtual ticket and watch concerts in. Read this before you invest in a company's optimistic vision for the VR market. Leo Sun. (TMFSunLion). Jul 15, at AM. Virtual reality has been hailed. It's the first time AR/VR investment has topped $1 billion in any year.

Since then, Facebook has continued to invest in virtual reality on both the tech development and public relations fronts. At the Facebook F8 Conference. He calls virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality – the blending 1, Potential investment opportunities and trends. Scharf says. The popularity of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) has taken off and so has the investment. The investment in VR/AR has grown by.

Facebook and Sony both have appealing virtual reality products on the Village event space in San Francisco, California on March 15, Most investments in virtual reality are limited to accredited investors, but participate in a Samsung virtual reality experience at CES Virtual reality could spark the next wave of technological advances, potentially becoming a $ billion industry by , says Bank of America. 5 Best Stocks to Invest in the Growth of Virtual-Reality Technology May 23, AM EDT. Read as Single Page. Although it is still in the nascent stage, virtual reality is one of the hottest areas of technology growth and.