There are no specific tests for MS. Instead, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis often relies on ruling out other conditions that might produce similar. While there is no definitive blood test for MS, blood tests can rule out other conditions that cause symptoms similar to those of MS, including lupus erythematosis. Learn about the large number of other medical conditions the doctor has to rule out before confirming a diagnosis of MS.

Even early-stage MS can result in lasting neurological damage. Confirming or ruling out MS can help you start treatment as soon as possible. No single set of. Also, an MRI result that says things are normal doesn't rule out MS. You could be one of a small number of people who have lesions in places. You can also keep track of your problems: MS symptoms tend to come and To rule out these diseases, have a checkup with your eye doctor.

There is no definitive test for MS and diagnosis will involve considering the various symptoms and ruling out other explanations. This process. Many disorders share symptoms with MS, sometimes complicating its Diagnosing MS often requires ruling out other possible conditions with. Diagnosing MS is complicated because no single test can positively diagnose it. Other possible causes of your symptoms may need to be ruled out first. You may wind up in a neurologist's office if your primary care doctor suspects that you have multiple sclerosis. Maybe your symptoms led you.