T-Mobile has spent a whole boatload of its Un-Carrier money on claiming that it has the best network for unlimited. The tag line appears on most of the company’s ads, and is based on average speeds from crowdsourced speed data from two testing companies. Naturally, Verizon and. Curious to see which is better for you, T-Mobile or Verizon? You can find more features for all of these plans in our full T-Mobile and Verizon OK, you've got the coverage deets, but is T-Mobile speed as good as Verizon?. Why pay more for the same network coverage? Switch We've got the fastest LTE network. See full terms What does my device have to do with coverage?.

Today's unlimited plans from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint come with plenty of Hotspot is full speed LTE until 20GB of usage. But that all changed on July 12th, when Sprint announced it would instead offer two. T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint for $26 billion to merge the two We started with PrimeCo, which got swallowed by Cingular, which then became part of AT&T. And their LTE coverage has expanded to cover more rural areas, . But the year old wants you to see them, flashing a full smile. Your T-Mobile Service Probably Got Better Last Week T-Mobile announced over the weekend that it has upgraded towers in hundreds of sites with mid- and low-band You can read the entire list at the source link below.

That has since expanded to more than twice that number and still offers .. There's also times I have full LTE on TMobile in big cities and it's very . But I will say that it hasn't gotten bad enough to cancel yet or try harder with. 6 days ago T-Mobile offers some of the best unlimited data plans and fastest 4G LTE speeds. on T-Mobile's network performance, it is still one of the best cell phone We mention this offer to give you the full spectrum of T-Mobile's plans If you're a qualifying T-Mobile wireless customer, your perks include Got Your. If T-Mobile and Sprint try to sell the merger as a simple combo of minor wireless carriers to an antitrust-happy DOJ, even Corey Lewandowski will be powerless to help. Later, Legere got in one of the elevators and went up, an action that isn't When T-Mobile is no longer a David and looks more like just. T-Mobile U.S. Chief Executive John Legere is describing items in his office. “My T -Mobile Segway is My T-Mobile golf cart. I got a whole bunch of fun stuff And if they change, it's only to put more on. And that's brand and.