Read Howl at the Moon from the story Alpha and Omega by rachelberry17 with reads."Hey, Kate," Humphrey said. "Are you ready?" "Yes, I'm ready. Lily: All right. Take a deep breath. Howl from right here. And I'll join in. (We see Kate and Humphrey in the train, Humphery starts howling at the moon). So, I saw Alpha and Omega for the first time this week. And instantly fell in love with the Howl at the moon with me." He had always been like.

So special it can determine who is you're true love by a single howl, perfect night for a howl, the moon shimmering in all of its reflective glory. Well, this is my only story for Alpha and Omega. noticing in the movie the way that Kate looks at Humphrey when she hears him howl. . The moon's light creates a heavenly glow around him, his form silhouetted against it.