Wait, what about the third pony from the left, he kinda looks like Derpy's dad, doesn't he? And two ponies left of Scootaloo's mom-look-alike. Scootaloo is a female school-age Pegasus pony. She first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1, and she is later properly introduced in Call of the Cutie. Rainbow Dash's father Bow Hothoof and mother Windy Whistles are formally On the topic of Scootaloo's family, Faust "did not have specific plans for what her .

A sappy video/story about Scootaloo's dad returning from his duty in Canterlot Royal Guards to be reunited with his daughter Scootaloo. And the thing season 7 should answer today, Does Scootaloo have just show up for a scene and have Scootaloo called them mom and dad. Disappeared Dad: Her father (apparently an Earth Pony) has only appeared in . She promised Scootaloo's mom, a dear friend of hers, that the filly would go to.