hover your mouse over the name/email adress till it highlights then click "shift" " delete" keys it will disappear I just happened across it myself hope that. Remove profile username? Settings. Timeline (Profile). Hi! I've looked into several posts and such, but cannot find any help updated help on this and can't find. I am using Linux platform. Web browser is Firefox. Whenever I open my face book the USERNAME and PASSWORD is visible in the respective.

Your browser's AutoFill feature automatically saves all email addresses that are entered in the Email or Phone field of the Facebook Login page. To remove your . To gain access to Web Login-protected sites, you must first remove the password from your browser's saved password list, using the instructions below. Note that this feature is not Facebook-dependent in the most general sense. Locate the button Clear browsing data on top of the page.

It also allows others to view your usernames, making it easier for them to log in under your name. Navigate to the login screen of the website for which you want to see the saved usernames. To delete a saved username, use the "Down " arrow on your keyboard to highlight that Find an E-mail Address by Facebook ID.