Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey of Vanderbilt University, TN (Vander Bilt). Read 29 publications, 1 Department of Psychology and Human Development; Nashville, TN, United States. Position . Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler model of the Parent Involvement Process. Archived project . [object Object]. Howard M. Sandler. This article reviews psychological theory and research critical to understanding why parents become involved in their children's elementary and secondary. Professor Hoover-Dempsey's research focuses on parental involvement in Green, C.L., Walker, J.M.T., Hoover-Dempsey, K.V. & Sandler, H.M. ().

Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey Howard M. Sandler A decade ago, Hoover- Dempsey and Sandler of- University, Nashville, TN ; e-mail: Kathleen. Green, C. L., Walker, J. M. T., Hoover-Dempsey, K. V., & Sandler, H. M. Green, Christa L.; Walker, Joan M. T.; Hoover-Dempsey, Kathleen V.; Sandler, Howard M . Psychology and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Howard M. Sandler. Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey. Vanderbilt Hoover- Dempsey and Sandler's (, ) original theoretical model of the parental involvement process. Appleton Place, Nashville, TN ; fax:

Kathleen V. Hoover‐Dempsey Joan M. T. Walker Howard M. Sandler Darlene A decade ago, Hoover‐Dempsey and Sandler offered a model of the Family‐ school communication: A report for the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Requests for reprints should be sent to Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey, Depart- ment of sity, Nashville, TN .. involvement (Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler , , ). Special thanks to Howard M. Sandler for ongoing consulta-. Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey, Joan M. T. Walker & Howard M. Sandier Educators, Our model of involvement (Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler, , ) is.