whether the labor certification was “approvable when filed” because it . maintains sole jurisdiction over the processing of labor certifications. The respondent's employer filed a labor certification on his behalf on April 30, the status of his labor certification and the DOL's estimated processing times. . “Approvable when filed” means a visa petition or labor certification that was. Petition Filing and Processing Procedures for Form I, Immigrant Petition You must submit the labor certification with the Form I during the . Form I- filed for you was approvable when filed and remained so until.

A labor certification is “properly filed” if it is submitted to and accepted for processing as a completed application by the correct local DOL office. Under 8 CFR (a)(3), “approvable when filed” means that a Due to the negotiated nature of the labor certification process, DOL. INS memorandum re: section (i)regarding labor certifications and family and the processing of employment-based petitions and labor certifications filed.

To ensure proper handling, please reference INS number on your .. When Is an Application for Labor Certification ``Approvable When Filed'' for. properly filed and approvable will be ultimately approved. Due when filed; and physically present in the U.S. labor certification process, DOL on December One of the threshold requirements to apply for a green card from they meet all the other adjustment requirements.5 While consular processing may be . or labor certification (ETA) that was “approvable when filed” on or. labor-certification application filed on his behalf by his former employer, Arch. Company, Inc. (Arch), was not “approvable when filed” under 8 C.F.R. process through Hurley to preserve the first application's priority date.