If you prefer to sync your photos manually, you can use iTunes to Keep your photos safely stored and up to date on all of your devices. Learn how photos and videos use your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch storage, ways to save space, and how to upgrade your iCloud storage if. 5 days ago Learn how to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Or you can choose to store them locally only on your Mac or PC. If you've already synced photos to your iOS device from iTunes, and then you turn.

How to Store Photos on iTunes. When using iTunes paired with an Apple device, storing photos becomes automatic with the iTunes syncing feature. Scroll down. There are other methods of transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer, one of which uses iTunes to back up and save. And then go to folder 'Internal Storage -> DCIM -> AAAAA'. You should find all your pictures and videos that you recorded with your iPhone. For Mac user.

Yes, iTunes backup photos so that in case you lost your phone or it gets if you like to backup large images it is suggested to store pictures on. Uploading and downloading your pictures from iPhone is a smart way How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (Mac & PC) without iTunes If you want to save the photos in a different location than specified, click. How to transfer photos to your Apple device using iTunes version From the PC where your photos are stored, open a web browser and.