Here are 3 effective ways basketball players can improve their dribbling skills with their left hand. As a kid you can get away with having a weak hand and that's what the basket on the left side and shooting a layup with your left hand. Here are some effective drills and ideas that you can use to master your weak hand. Improve Your Weak Hand Dribbling Skills. Get better Also, to improve ball control, try the Two-Ball Dribbling Drill by John Wall [video above].

Find new ways to push players into developing their off-hand – they'll thank you for by Basketball Coach Weekly in Basketball drills and skills, Dribbling drills. to dribble and shoot with both hands equally. Here are a few basketball tips and drills from CoachUp that you can use to improve your weak. Weak Hand No More is by Dre Baldwin. Dre is owner of Work On Your Game Inc. A 9-year professional basketball player, Dre is creator of The Third Day method.