The Time, also known as Morris Day and the Time and The Original 7ven, is an American musical group that was formed in Minneapolis in Their work has . What Time Is It? is a album by The Time. The album was recorded at Sunset Sound and Prince's home studio in the Minneapolis suburbs. The title of the album comes from an exclamation by Morris Day that became associated with the band's on-stage. The album was released under the new moniker The Original 7ven, as Prince owned the rights to the band name The Time. The band split.

Limited time only. Renews automatically. .. Need to re get Pandemonium and get all four of the Time's albums on vinyl. Then the Original Seven 's Condensate. Musician/Band . What Time Is It? ⏰ Its #ThrowbackThursday Taylor Gordon " The Pocket Queen" #TheTime On the scene with The Original 7ven - The Time since & "Super Producer" with #JimmyJam Flyte Tyme Productions since. Today marks a year since Prince's passing. In honor of him, our very own Elijah Watson writes about "" and Prince's relationship with The Time.