His eyes are hazel with a blue/grey ring around the edge of the iris. Not sure if there's a specific name for it, but maybe some form of. for example born with blue eyes but get brown eyed with age like it is which happened to me, the same thing can happen with eye color . Of course, everything changes, for example this is Morgan Freeman at young age. anybody think morgan's eyes look like he has glaucoma or cataracts? . perhaps i am wrong, and i am quite willing to consider that. are you.

Never seen a black person with blue eyes. - # added by natedimes at Morgan Freeman. i could be really wrong but that might be because of age or something, like the blue lining of the iris is a common trait of old people. Morgan Freeman - actor known for Million Dollar Baby, Se7en. Compare his height, weight, eyes, hair color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation with other. Morgan Freeman is an iconic African-American character actor (born June 1, ) . Her eyes are green but they look blue and in the middel is kind of yellow .

Best Answer: No don't think so see my picture. Source(s): charlotterousevarealtor.comdia. org/wikipedia/commons/b/b5/Morgan_Freeman%2C_ There's a reason the headline of this story didn't use the word "photograph" to describe the image of Morgan Freeman pictured below. Morgan Freeman joins co-star Michael Caine at Going in Style screening after removing compression glove from his paralysed hand.