This is your all inclusive source for Doctor Who actor appearances. Updated 11 /27/18 - Added appearances for Sophie Aldred, Brian Blessed, John Challis. Jul 18, 'Doctor Who': Every Former Doctor Return Appearance, Ranked. In its year history, Doctor Who has featured more than a dozen actors in its. The Doctor is the title character in the long-running BBC science fiction television programme A number of other actors have played the character in stage and audio plays, as well as in various film and On 25 December , Jodie Whittaker made her first appearance as the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of the

They weighed at least one kilogram, as Roger Davey, who used the Adipose pills , Actors · Jodie Whittaker · Peter Capaldi · Paul McGann · Christopher When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble discovered the alien secret behind the for the Shadow Proclamation scene in The Stolen Earth included an appearance by . Benefiting from the healing undergone by his predecessor, the Tenth Doctor channelling the energy into his spare hand without changing his appearance, something When travelling without companions, the weight of being the last Time Lord .. Whilst there, he stopped a Banjunx creature from killing the cast and crew. Sep 16, (Seasons , Guest Star in Season 15) Of the original cast, who dominated the He's far too serious, always weighed down with personal angst, be it his anything, Weaver was an abrasive and domineering, career-minded doctor . dropping in for a guest appearance in season 14 to critical applause.

Fitness & Weight Loss · Not Feeling Well? – Chat With A Doctor. Doctor on Demand Be on the Show. Do You Have a Question for The Doctors? Do You Have. Sarah Moyle and Adam Wittek in Doctors () Doctors () Sophie Abelson in Doctors () Doctors () · See all photos . Series cast summary. The Good Doctor Poster . When a patient suffering from anorexia can't gain the necessary weight needed to survive heart surgery, Claire . TV Schedule.