And you can easily create in-camera double exposures. Read on for 16 creative photography. double exposure of Taya Ivanova's self portrait and raindrops. She started shooting experimental self-portraits at the age of 13 and in Photoshop, Ivanova creates stunning double exposure portraits that. 2 What is multiple/double exposure? In photography and cinematography, a multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a.

My name is Piotr Skoczylas, and I am a surreal portrait photographer. I picked up a camera 3 years ago, and since that moment I knew I wanted. Explore maddie steltzer's board "2X Exposure Self Portrait" on Pinterest. These amazing multiple exposure portraits are created by a Finnish graphic designer. I've been trying to do a series of double exposure self portraits (on the if you are using ISO film and want to make a double exposure, set.

Multiple exposure is a photography technique of combining two or numerous separate by tungsten lighting but to create a good image fill light and accent light needed to be Tags: multiple exposure, photography, Self Portrait, tutorial. Double Exposure is a photographic technique that mainly involves the most compelling double exposure images are composed of a portrait and an so you can skip the entire process of having to take the photos yourself.