This tutorial shows you how to make trap style beats in FL Studio. Here is a video on how to make a trap beat in Apple Logic in under 6. From the head-bobbing rap-like beats to heavy hitting leads from the likes of Flosstradamus and SLANDER, this style has grown to be a large portion of the EDM. The beats are made with synthesizers and strings for added effect, fast .. trap is a specific production style, your definition doesn't even make.

The first thing to do before you begin making a Trap beat in FL Studio is to set up during the beat making process to your suit the style of beat you are making. Learn how to make simple trap drum patterns with Ableton! Here you can find a tutorial of me making a beat in Session view, but for this tutorial, of our track to 70 BPM - click this box in the upper left corner and type in „70”. In this tutorial I'll show you the most basic elements every trap beat must have. Find out tons of info about Music Production on

We show you how to create a trap beat using samples.