What does 'mod' mean? Date: 05/14/ at From: Nick Subject: Mod Hi, We're learning about 'mod' in math class, and I was wondering if you could. What does the term 'mod' mean? What is Modulus? I have used the mod command and know what the results mean, but I don't understand the theory behind it. Modular arithmetic studies the modulo operation and equivalence relation. [math] a\mod m[/math] is an operation meaning "the remainder when [math]a[/math] is.

In computing, the modulo operation finds the remainder after division of one number by another When either a or n is negative, the naive definition breaks down and programming languages differ in how these values are . In mathematics, the result of the modulo operation is the remainder of the Euclidean division. An Introduction to Modular Math. When we By noticing this, we can visualize the modulo operator by using circles. .. What does C. E mean in this sentence?. Just as for rings, there is a quotient algebra that reifies the (modular) congruence arithmetic within an algebraic structure of the same type, just.

For example, “5 mod 3 = 2” which means 2 is the remainder when you divide 5 by 3. The sneaky thing about modular math is we've already been using it for. In mathematics, this circular counting is called modular arithmetic, and the number 12 in this example is called a modulus. A modulus is the. The word modulus has several different meanings in mathematics with respect to It is the "base" with respect to which a congruence is computed (i.e., m.