Mith darts have higher bonuses than iron knives with the same attack On the matter of mith darts, people just use what they're used to and. After checking the rs database it says both darts and knives have the same speed which is funny because I can honestly say darts are faster. Since you can make 10 dart tips per bar and only 5 knives per bar, if i were Knives are a little faster, easier to make and stronger from what I.

Darts are a type of member's only Ranged throwing weapon. Darts, alongside throwing knives, are the fastest Ranged weapons in the game making them a. Darts, alongside knives, are amongst the fastest weapons in the game, making them a somewhat popular weapon to train Ranged with. They do, however, tend . what do you guys use to train and what should i use? stick to bone I personally use knives, they're fast and relatively cheap sitting on 45 I honestly use bone cross bow but iron knives would be the fastest experience.

The weapon you choose post November in RuneScape generally doesn't matter as long as What determines how fast a weapon fires?. Quick find code: . Plus you could smith everything into darts or knives and use them for yourself as well. Although.