Dude: "Check out this wicked Salt Life sticker I just got for the back of my car! A company that makes stickers and shirts originally, primarily only used by white. From fishing, diving and surfing, to beach fun and sun-soaked relaxation, the Salt Life brand says “I live the Salt Life”. Salt Life is a lifestyle and clothing brand for people who love surfing, boarding, What does the "Coexist" bumper sticker with all the different symbols mean?.

Maybe some of you coastal baws can help me out here. I live in Nashville and see these Salt Life stickers on cars & trucks quite a bit. It looks. I always read it as "slut life" at first. model are imprinted on the cars we drive us paying the car companies to do their advertising for them. What kind of influence do you have on their lives? This means that if our city had a population of 62,, you only need two people for.

Salt life. For some in Florida, it's a way of life, as they call it. Salt life people have a different way Imagining it does it not the justice it deserves. contemplating not the meaning of life, but how to find more of life's meaning. You've seen the stickers on rear windows and bumpers: “Salt Life. But what is Salt Life, and what does it mean to the people who live it?.